Conflict Resolution


104 Activities That Build: Self-esteem, Teamwork, Communication, Anger Management, Self-discovery, and Coping Skills
by Alanna Jones
"Alanna Jones is a certified recreational therapist who has compiled an interesting set of 104 games and activities that social workers, recreational therapists, and some educators and school counselors (in substantially separate classrooms for behavior/emotional disorders) can use. The book is organized into activities that build (1) teamwork, (2) self-esteem, (3) communication, (4) self-discovery, (5) anger management, and (6) coping skills. Almost all activities are designed for elementary school aged children, but Ms. Jones, under each activity, presents variations--either in the activity itself or in the intended age group."

Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline : The 7 Basic Skills for Turning Conflict into Cooperation
by Becky A. Bailey 
"Learn how to stop policing and pleading and become the parent you want to be.... You love your children, but if you're like most parents, you don't always love their behavior. But how can you guide them without resorting to less-than-optimal behavior yourself? Dr. Becky Bailey's unusual and powerful approach to parenting has made thousands of families happier and healthier."

Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour "Most popular!"
by Susan Perrow
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"Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour brings together the fruits of Susan Perrow's work in storymaking. It is richly illustrated with lively anecdotes drawn from parents and teachers who have discovered how the power of story can help resolve a range of common childhood behaviours and situations such as separation anxiety, bullying, sibling rivalry, nightmares and grieving. This comprehensive resource offers: a discussion of therapeutic storytelling; checklists for readers to evaluate the challenging behaviour or situation and identify their desired resolution; guidelines for adapting stories for different age groups and cultures; an extensive collection of new stories and traditional folk tales categorised by behaviour or situation; a storymaking model to help readers adapt or create their own stories."

Books by Naomi Drew

Including Learning the Skills of Peacemaking: A K-6 Activity Guide to Resolving Conflicts, Communicating & Cooperating
Book Description
"This best-selling how-to guide for teachers, counselors and parents brings the Skills of Peacemaking  to real-life situations. This highly regarded work shows you how to promote peacemaking and problem-solving skills across the curriculum. Chock full of in-depth, hands-on activities, blackline  masters, program evaluation forms, scripts, role plays and more, it fosters deep understanding in your students of win-win guidelines and skills for keeping the peace. Also includes an effective peer mediation program with forms, training guide, script, and group role plays. Additional information on parent involvement and leading parent workshops. A rich resource! Grades K-6." (, editorial review.) 

Our Peaceful Classroom
by Aline D. Wolf 
"I am a Montessori teacher and loved the illustrations in the book. The children in my classroom recognized the material shown in some of the pictures. I loved that they were done by children around the world. I read this book the first week of school. I wanted to set the tone for the year. It is a book the children and I can go back to time and time again to remind us about being peaceful to one another." ( review.)

Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids: Practical Ways to Create a Calm and Happy Home
by Naomi Drew
"In the bestselling tradition of "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" comes the most important parenting book of the year. "Internationally respected and recognized educatior Naomi Drew brings the same revolutionary action plan she developed for the classroom to parents everywhere. Illustrated by concrete situations, hands-on examples, and testimonials from real-life mothers and fathers."